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  • XRE is a registration of a patent technology for beverage can closures which make them easier to open, and allows them to be reclosed as well.
  • Having worked closely with leading beverage companies, it became clear that there was an unmet need in the market for a solution to reclosing beverage cans.
  • Recloseability makes metal cans more competitive with other packaging forms.
  • Current commercial solutions are complex, bulky, and costly, and have not been widely adopted. 
  • We developed XRE as an elegant, practical solution to meet this need.
  • Consumers will love being able to open and close their favorite beverages easily, and the convenience that comes from recloseable packaging. 
  • Brands and manufacturers will love the simplicity of the design, the ease of implementation into their current operations, and the cost of our solution. 
  • Consumers, brands and can manufacturers have all been looking for an easier, more elegant and functional solution for recloseable can lids.


  • XRE is a new solution for cans that allows you to reclose it again and again after it’s been opened. While new, it will seem familiar to you.
  • We call it the evolution of the SOT, because the XRE can opens like a SOT can, yet it includes everything the SOT was missing: Reclosability


  • One of the most important features of the XRE can lids is that they are 100% compatible with
  • most existing can ends producing line and beverage filling lines currently on the market.
  • Beverage makers and co-packers don’t need to invest any capital to change their existing lines.
  • XRE Benefits for Co-Packers in shortly:
  • Almost same as SOT End
  • Fits in existing filling lines
  • Symmetric stacking
  • No change over time SOT -> XRE
  • Parallel feeding
  • Filling speed up to 1.500/min


  • The XRE bridges the gap between traditional drinking cans and the demands of the "generation on the go".
  • We present drinking products that are tailored to meet the requirements of increasingly mobile lifestyles.
  • It makes your drink available at any time – always fresh, always safe!
  • Thanks to the new, advanced XRE Can. It will change the way you drink!
  • It is abundantly clear that consumers desire a reclosable option for their canned drinks. Can sizes continue to increase and
  • brands have already planted the seed in consumers minds that a reclosable option is a convenience they can not live without.
  • The conventional SOT (Stay On Tab) system is the most used and most familiar partial opening system for beverage cans.
  • It has served the consumer well for more than 40 years and was a great step in the right direction.
  • Fact is, cans are lighter in weight, smaller in size and storage volume, faster cooling and are fully recyclable.
  • But it's major flaw is: they are not reclosable.